Most auto accidents are easy to take care of, even though they can be stressful. A quick exchange of information, including auto insurance policies and phone numbers, will handle any damage done to either vehicle. In the case of a larger auto accident, however, especially one that includes either mild, moderate, or severe injuries, there may be cause for hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer like Daniel An to help you handle your claims and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Car accident attorneys make sure that your serious accident does not have lasting impact on your life any more than necessary. Getting the settlement that you deserve will ensure that your medical bills, loss of income and any other financial strain caused by the accident do not leave you in such staggering amounts of debt. Personal injury lawyers like Daniel An specialize in getting fair compensation from distracted drivers, drunk drivers, and other instances of driver negligence that cause you injury.

When you are involved in a car accident, your insurance company and the other party’s insurance company will want you to take a recorded statement and will ask you to fill out HIPAA forms, which authorizes them to dig into your private health records. They do so to gain an advantage over you, to minimize your claim, which saves them money. If you hire a good personal injury lawyer, your lawyer will know how to advise you and plan the proper approach after a careful review and analysis of your particular case.

The Law Offices of Daniel An will ensure that your unique case is handled well, so contact us today for a consultation on how we can help you achieve your goals and get what you deserve.


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