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The very first thing you should do is seek emergency medical attention. Then, before discussing the incident with anyone, contact an attorney who specializes in personal injury law. Although most attorneys have sufficient knowledge to handle your case, there are nuances to practicing personal injury law that could seriously affect the amount you recover.

Personal injury is a legal term for an injury to the body, mind, or emotions as opposed to injury to property. However, if you are injured at work, your injury may be governed by workers’ compensation law, with some exceptions. There is only one way to find out. Call us for a free consultation.

Our fees for personal injury matters are based on what is called a “contingency fee,” which means if we do not recover money for you, you do not owe us a fee. The standard fee for most law firms in California is 33 1/3% of the recovery if your case is settled prior to a lawsuit. If a lawsuit is filed, the contingency fee goes up depending on the stage of the lawsuit. For example, many firms charge up to 45% if your case goes to trial. For other civil matters, we quote on a case by case basis.

We believe we have a competitive advantage over other law firms. We respond to client questions via text message 24/7. In most cases, text messages are responded to immediately. We also have a track record of obtaining very positive results, including cases that other larger firms (who advertise on billboards) give up on.

The #1 complaint we get from clients who switch law firms is that their attorney never picks up their calls and never communicates with them. If you are our client, you can text or email us 24/7 and messages will be responded to, in most cases, immediately. It is our policy to respond to questions within 24 hours. Further, we will keep you informed of every major event in your case whether or not you contact us.

Please see the above menu and click on “Contact.” You may also call, email, or text. The contact information is on the Contact page.

Whether you need an attorney depends on the particular facts of your case. Based on the consultation, we can advise you whether or not you need an attorney.

Before speaking with anyone about your case, we recommend that you consult with an attorney first. Insurance companies will do everything to gain an advantage over you. They may also ask you to sign documents that may affect your legal rights. 

The length of a case depends on several factors. Some of the factors include: the time it takes you to treat and recover from your injury, the time it takes to obtain medical records and bills (which depends on the facility), the claims adjuster assigned to your case, the amount of the offers to settle, your personal goals regarding your case, the liens involved and the time it takes to negotiate them, whether you are a Medi-Cal or Medicare beneficiary, and whether litigation is necessary.

Litigation refers to a lawsuit. A lawsuit is initiated when a formal pleading (called a complaint) is filed with the court and served (delivered according to specific procedures) on the party you are suing. In most cases, litigation is not economically practical and/or necessary. However, if you are seriously injured by another party and have incurred significant medical or other costs, and the at-fault party has an insurance policy that covers the loss or has assets to recover from, a lawsuit may be a good option.

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