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The glory of justice and the majesty of law are created not just by the Constitution – nor by the courts – nor by the officers of the law – nor by the lawyers – but by the men and women who constitute our society – who are the protectors of the law as they are themselves protected by the law. – Thomas Paine

Our Specialties
  • Personal Injury
  • Civil Matters

Personal Injury

If you were seriously injured in an accident, hiring an attorney is critical to your case. Do not let the insurance companies take advantage of you. Talk to an attorney first. We offer a free consultation to outline your options and to maximize any potential recovery. 

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Daniel An, Esq.

Civil Matters

If you have a legal problem that does not involve the criminal courts, we may be able to assist you. If we can’t help, then we’ll refer you to an attorney near you. We have access to attorney networks with members throughout California.  

Let Our Experience Be Your Guide 

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