Practice Areas

 Personal Injury

If you were seriously injured in an accident, hiring an attorney is critical to your case. Do not let the insurance companies take advantage of you. Talk to an attorney first. Hire a lawyer who is committed to communicating with you regularly about your case. We offer a free consultation to outline your options and to maximize any potential recovery. A personal injury case covers injuries to the mind, body, and emotions, as opposed to injury to property, and falls under the category of civil matters. Often, attorneys will litigate right away unnecessarily incurring needless litigation costs. In many cases, however, hiring the right attorney can mean obtaining a pre-lawsuit settlement for a sum greater than what you would receive years later after a jury verdict.

 Estate Planning, Trust Administration, and Probate

“Estate planning” is the process of putting an individual’s personal and financial affairs in order. Estate planning involves:

  • Executing testamentary and other documents to protect, manage, and dispose of the individual’s real and personal property during his or her lifetime and after his or her death;
  • Planning for personal and health care decision making in the event of the individual’s incapacity; and
  • Minimizing the impact of many different types of taxes.

“Trust administration” is the process of carrying out the individual’s estate plan and administering his or her trust estate following his or her incapacity or death. It is the process of winding up the decedent’s affairs and distributing his or her assets in accordance with his or her estate plan, including the administration of ongoing trusts for the benefit of the individual’s beneficiaries.

If an individual dies without a trust, his or her estate would have to be administered through a court process called “probate.” If the probate is unconstested, we may be able to help.

 Civil Matters

If you have a legal problem that does not involve the criminal courts, we may be able to assist you. Common types of civil lawsuits include personal injury, contracts, and harms where monetary compensation, a declaration, or an injunction is the legal remedy. In these types of cases, filing a lawsuit with the court is the first step in initiating formal legal proceedings to resolve the dispute. Most cases will take at least a year to resolve through either settlement or a trial.

“The leading rule for the lawyer, as for the man of every calling, is diligence.”
– Abraham Lincoln

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